There is a Chinese saying that "bao" cures all diseases

”包治百病“ means that the medicine prescribed by the doctor to the patient can cure all basic diseases.


The Chinese pronunciation of ”包“ and bag is the same, and all bags can cure all diseases has become a joke among the Chinese people.


In this period, we will introduce the practicability and functional attributes of some bags, which have investment value. Consumers' demand for comfort and practicality is growing day by day. Simple wind will be the key to add value to the product, help the brand to invest in high-quality durable materials, and can quickly and effectively respond to emergencies. At the same time, single material design helps reduce waste and promote recycling.

Mini bag


In terms of color coordination, the overall color effect of clothing should be pleasing to the eye and harmonious. Therefore, handbag as an important part of the clothing accessories, often in the overall clothing color effect plays a "finishing touch" role. Texture contrast: as a result of the composition of the handbag material range is larger, so in the design of the handbag, texture changes are relatively rich, handbags and clothing collocation can be according to different needs of psychology, the United States interest to do the corresponding changes. For example: when the fabric of the clothing is more delicate, you can choose the rough and bold texture of the handbag, but also people can have affinity texture materials of the handbag; When the clothing fabric is relatively heavy and concave and convex is not normal, you can choose some smooth and smooth texture of the handbag, and the clothing fabric caused a sharp contrast.

Fun pack

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