Rihanna's favorite item

How to match the Bucket hat in Summer 23

Summer is coming.

Not only does the hat provide sun protection,

It can also enrich everyone's collocation.



Rihanna used a bucket hat a lot


A fisherman's hat, also called a bucket hat, was originally worn by Irish fishermen in the early 20th century to protect themselves from rain and wind. LL Cool J, a 1980s hiphop singer, donned a fisherman's hat in a promotional photo for his album.

Since then, the fisherman's hat has become one of the symbols of the hiphop music industry. After generations of popular culture, it has become a popular fashion item.

Style: Dome and flat top, flat top is the most popular, basic style without embellishment is the most versatile, at most can choose logo style;

Hat material technology and clothes wear the same way, exquisite fashion style unified to give people a coordinated aesthetic feeling.

The color of the fisherman's hat also has to relate to the clothes.

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